Composition and Philosophy

In the process of assembling team members, we use the following criteria:

Selection Criteria

There are many factors that impact the success of Fresh Success Team, but one of the most important is the selection of the participants. Over the last 3 years I have facilitated Fresh Thinking Success Teams to over 2000 people.

Herewith are the most important factors when deciding whether you are ready to be part of your Fresh Success Team:

  1. Commitment – Commitment comes in two forms: the first type of commitment means showing up for every meeting without excuse, and the second type of commitment is to the Fresh Thinking Success Team process.
  2. Balanced Two-Way Sharing – The true benefits of a Fresh Thinking Success Team is the generation of solutions to a problem, challenge or decision, and the entire team members’ gets fully involved and participate during the sessions.
  3. Follows the Guidelines – Every Fresh Thinking Success Team member will be issued with written guidelines about what is acceptable professional behaviour.
  4. No Competitors, only creators – When selecting Fresh Thinking Success Team members, we are diligent about the connections between people and separate competitors into different Fresh Success Teams.
  5. Similar Success and Experience Levels – In the process of creating Fresh Thinking Success Team members together, we put together people who have similar levels of experience and success, and people who have some special expertise that they can bring to the group. When each member brings their expertise to the team, the Fresh Thinking Success Team wins.

Are You Ready To Succeed

To ensure you are a good fit with the Fresh Thinking Success Team philosophy, take some time to reflect and answer the following questions for yourself: